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Venice Nightlife

Venice Nightlife Italy - When you are in the mood to enjoy the nightlife of Venice, there are many different sites to consider paying a visit to. Whether you’d like to see the Venice nightlife where dancing takes place or simply offers a good brew, there is something for everyone. For those who are interested in live music entertainment, there are plenty of establishments that are willing to provide a great night on the town.

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Some of the Venice nightlife scenes to explore when the sun has set include live music hot spots, such as the Sound Garden Rock Café, located at Piazza Mazzini. For an impressive range of beer and wine, Senso Unico can be found at around Campo San Vio. Additional nightlife in Venice includes Area City; Casanova, as well as Al Volta.

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Piccolo Mondo by 'El Suk'
Dorsoduro, 1056
Venice, Italy
There is a nice mixture of music offered at this establishment. If you like Latin tunes and 80s music, then you are in for a real treat when paying a visit here.

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Devius Forest Pub
San Marco, 5185
Venice, Italy
When you are interested in checking out an English pub, this is the right place to seek out. Head for the San Marco district, where international cuisine is also offered.

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La Cascina
Via Don Tosatto 26
Venice, Italys
There is plenty of room at this establishment to enjoy when paying a visit to this site. This is a great place to also explore the live music scene.

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Green Pub
Campo S. Margherita, Dorsoduro, 3053/a
Venice, Italy
No matter what kind of scene you are interested in when visiting Venice, you might enjoy a stop by this pub. Here, beer and whiskey helps you to pass the time.

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Pub Taverna L'Olandese Volante
Campo San Lio, Castello 5856
Venice, Italy
When visiting Venice, this is a great place to settle into.You will find this entertaining establishment situated the between The Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark Square.

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Haig's Bar
Campo S. M. Del Giglio, San Marco 5277
Venice, Italy
This is a great place to check out a sampling of the nightlife atmosphere in Venice. An assortment of live music entertainment is offered at this site.

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Al Distributore
Via Bonaiuti 7
Venice, Italy
There are plenty of eats and liquid treats to explore at this establishment. Fast food and cold beer awaits your arrival.

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Old Well Pub
Corte Canal, Santa Croce, 656
Venice, Italy
When you want a cold drink and a bite to eat, this pub is ready to accommodate. Here, a pizzeria provides the food.

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Venice Interesting Facts

  • Venice stretches across 110 small islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon.
  • The Venetian Islands are connected by about 400 bridges
  • All transportation within Venice is entirely by water or on foot.
  • Famous Venetians include Marco Polo, Antonio Vivaldi, Aldus Manutius, to name just a few.
  • The Basilica and large square in front of it are named after St. Mark.
  • The present Basilica was built between 1063 and the middle of the fifteenth century.
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Venice Hotels

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Venice Map

Venice Map It's a good idea to plan your trip with a good map of Venice Italy. We have a great interactive street map of Venice Italy for you here.

Venice Weather

Venice WeatherTo find out the current weather for Venice Italy use the image to the right. Here we have the local weather forcast for Venice Italy for you.

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Veice Italy is such a beautiful city. We have a great selection of photos of Venice Italy. Click on the image below.
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