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Rome Theatres Italy - If you are planning on visiting a theatre in Rome during your stay, you should familiarize yourself with the theatrical season of the city. From October to May, tourists may visit the theatres in Rome to enjoy both local and international productions. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may also encounter a theatre in Rome that offers a few summer shows.

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When it comes to visiting Rome theatres, you will find an assortment of worthy options. For comedy presentations, you should head for the Teatro Vittoria, while musicals are held at the Sistina. If drama is more of your thing, the Politecnico is the place to seek out contemporary works. Additional theatres in Rome include the Abraxa Teatro, the Teatro della Cometa, as well as the Teatro Flaiano.

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Teatro Eliseo e Piccolo Eliseo
Via Nazionale, 183
Rome, Italy
The history of this theatre is rather short, but it is still considered to be one of the most important theatres in Rome. Many great actors have graced this stage throughout the years.

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Abraxa Teatro
Villa Flora - Via Portuense 610
23 Moss Street
Rome, Italy
When you are in the mood for a night at the theatre, this is a great place to start during your trip. Checking out this location will bring you closer to the experimental type of theatre.

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Argot Studio
Via Natale del Grande, 27
Rome, Italy
There are many interesting productions that are held at this theatre, which showcases a mix of avant garde talent. The space is small, but the Italian drama is worth the chance.

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Centro Studi Ettore Petrolini
Via Rubattino, 5
Rome, Italy
Not only will you be able to experience Roman theatre, but you will also encounter a grand acting school. This is a popular venue to catch shows based on traditional Roman texts.

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E.T.I. Valle
Via del Teatro Valle, 21
Rome, Italy
There is something rather classic and regal about this theatre, which is also one of the oldest about town. At this venue, you can enjoy international productions that are offered in their own language.

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Parco della Musica
30, Viale di Pietro Coubertin
Rome, Italy
When paying a visit to this site, you will encounter a well-known music hall. Some of the past performers and performances include Diana Ross, as well as “Luglio Suona Bene.” Ballet, opera, and jazz are also offered at this location .

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Rome Interesting Facts

  • Romulus and Remus were legendary twins rescued by a she-wolf who became the symbol of ancient Rome
  • Herakles is one of the most important heroes in Green mythology – who became the Roman Hercules.
  • Statues of the Emperor Augustus portray him as the noble bringer of peace.
  • Villas were often decorated with murals.
  • Rome Highways were lined up with family tombstones along its sides.
  • There are 15 million estimated visitors to Rome annually.
  • The population of Rome is just over 2.7 million.
  • Rome stretches approximately 22 square miles.
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Rome Map Finding your way around Rome Italy can be tricky without a good map. Here is a interactive street map of Rome Italy to help you find your way around.

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