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Rio de Janeiro Restaurants

Rio de Janeiro Brazil Restaurants - Rio de Janeiro is known for its beaches, its beautiful landmarks, but it is also known for its great Brazilian cuisine. You can find restaurants all over Rio de Janeiro that will cater to any specific taste. But if you really want to be immersed in Brazilian life, try out some Brazilian dishes.

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These are normally meats that are cooked over fire with black beans. You can find quite a lot of rodizios, or buffets. There are also streetside juice bars that are cheap and fast snacks on the go.

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Barra Brasa
131 Rua Afranio de Melo Franco
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
For seafood lovers, the Barra Brasa is one of the best restaurants in the city. Since Rio is a seaside town, you will be able to find all the delicacies of the sea: shellfish, shrimp, and sushi. If you prefer something other than seafood, the Barra Brasas has it covered with delicious choices of lamb, steak, chicken, and pork.

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218 Rua Barao da Torre
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Porcao is a chain restaurant in Rio de Janeiro that caters to the hungriest of people. The name actually translates into “big pig.” You will be greeted with a massive salad buffet with all the food you can imagine: vegetable, cold cuts, cheeses, and seafood. While you are enjoying the food on your plate, the waiters will come around with carts full of different fresh juice drinks and alcoholic drinks.

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Zaza Bistro Tropical
40 Rua Joana Angelica
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This is a hot spot that is famous for post beach lounging. You will find many different choices on the contemporary menu including dim sum, ravioli, and ceviche. You can go to the roof to relax, unwind, and recline on pillows in a candlelit atmosphere.

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Gero Rio
157 Rua Anibal Mendonca
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This restaurant located in Ipanema is a great place to get some Italian food. You will be enveloped into the light, airy atmosphere of exposed brick and wood floors. Choices of some traditional Italian dishes that is served at Gero Rio are fresh pasta and seafood. This is a favorite for locals and for tourists.

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Rio de Janeiro Interesting Facts

  • One of the largest cities of Latin America.
  • In 1810, armed citizens established a provisional representative government against Spanish rule.
  • Features both the world’s widest boulevard and the widest river.
  • The largest city in South America.
  • Rio de Janeiro is famous for the dance, the Tango.
  • Rio de Janeiro is one of the ten largest metropolises in the world.
  • Rio de Janeiro is the largest city and port in Brazil
  • Greater Rio de Janeiro metro area has more than 12 million inhabitants
  • Home for writers Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sabato, and Julio Cortazar
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