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Prague Nightlife

Nightlife in Prague

Prague Nightlife - Exploring Prague nightlife is an exciting experience as you weave in and out the vibrancy and energy of the city. There are many clubs and dance halls that make up the nightlife in Prague. To reach some of the best locations in town, you should head for the Prague nightlife throughout the center of the city, as well as in the suburbs. It is here that pop and rock concert are held, and energetic club action.

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You probably didn’t know this, but Prague nightlife also embraces a wide-range of musical genres, such as jazz. Actually, this kind of music is quite popular, offering a nice selection of clubs to check out. An establishment to look into includes Reduta, which can be found on Narodni.

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Double Trouble Bar & Club
Melantrichova 17
Prague, Czech Republic
When visiting this club, the music and style of the joint is rather satisfying. Many local bands entertain the masses with the main type of tunes including 80's and 90's dance. This nightlife club is positioned in Praha 5.

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U Medviku
Na Perstyne, 7
Prague, Czech Republic
To visit a traditional Czech pub, this is the place to seek out. Besides the delicious beer, you may sample some of the city’s finest dishes, including goulash and fried cheese.

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Punto Azul
Kroftova 1
Prague, Czech Republic
For a laid back scene, this bar offers techno throughout the night. The music is supplied by a DJ , who is on the premises almost on a nightly basis.

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cafe Konvikt
Bartolomejska, 11
Prague, Czech Republic
For a rowdy atmosphere to enjoy the latest sporting events, this bar combines drink, sports, and dining. Some of the tasty treats served includes beef goulash and turkey sandwiches.

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Radost F/X
Belehradská 120
Prague, Czech Republic
The crowds that come into this location are usually full of energy and ready for anything. The music filling the scene includes techno, house, and R & B. This is a good Prague nightlife option.

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George & Dragon Bar
Staromestské námestí 11
Prague, Czech Republic
When looking for a sports bar to settle at, this is a worthy selection to check out. When visiting this site, you will be greeted by an English state of mind and scenery.

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Prague Interesting Facts

  • Mozard, Beethoven, Wagner, Rodin, and many others have visited Prague and paid tribute to its splendor and historical significance.
  • UNESCO included the historic center of Prague as a world heritage site in 1992.
  • Prague is home to the National Opera, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Black Light Theatre.
  • Prague suffered a major flood in 2002 that submerged Kampa, Karlin, and other parts of the city.
  • Prague holds an annual three-week “Prague Spring” International Music Festival.
  • The Estates Theatre was the first theatre to be built in Prague.
  • Prague was chosen for the shooting of Amadeus, Mission: Impossible, The Bourne Identity, Shanghai Knights, Les Miserables, and many other movies
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