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Prague Museums

Museums in Prague

Prague Museums - Museums in Prague allows tourists to explore the culture, art, and history that the city possesses. With each Prague museum that you come across, you will learn a little bit more about past accomplishments or simply have a wealth of beautiful paintings to admire. History buffs will enjoy the assortment of artifacts housed within the Historical Exposition of the National Museum, which can be found at Jirska, 3.

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For those interested in visiting an art museum in Prague, the Wallenstein Palace and Garden, located at Valdstejnske namesti 3 offers many modern art displays. If sculptures are more of your thing, wooden sculptures are on display at Bilek Villa. Contemporary art is exhibited at the Naprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures (Betlemske namesti, 1).

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Historical Exposition of the National Museum
Jirska, 3
Prague, Czech Republic
There is a wealth of history and other gems to explore when checking out this museum. This attraction can be found when visiting Stare Mesto.

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Wallenstein Palace and Garden
Valdstejnske namesti 3
Prague, Czech Republic
The style of architecture and design of this attraction represents the early-Baroque period. Here, modern art exhibits can be enjoyed.

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Bilek Villa
Mickiewiczova, 1
Prague, Czech Republic
If you are an enthusiast of sculptures or always admired the skill of creating such a piece, this is a great place to visit. Here, symbolic Czechoslovakian art comes to life through wood and stone sculptures.

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Jewish Museum in Prague
121 Steuart Street
Prague, Czech Republic
The heritage of the Central European Jewish community is displayed through a variety of onsite and public exhibitions throughout the city. An assortment of impressive Judaic art and artifacts from Central Europe can be found on the premises.

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Museum of the City of Prague
Na Porící 52
Prague, Czech Republic
When visiting this museum, there is a lot to digest all in one day. Here, a range of archaeological wonders and historical artifacts are situated on the grounds.

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Naprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures
Betlemske namesti, 1
Prague, Czech Republic
A trip to this museum brings you to an impressive collection of finds that help illustrate an array of cultures. Situated in Old Town, this site offers a look into the beauty of North and South America, Australia, as well as the islands of the Pacific cultures.

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Prague Interesting Facts

  • Mozard, Beethoven, Wagner, Rodin, and many others have visited Prague and paid tribute to its splendor and historical significance.
  • UNESCO included the historic center of Prague as a world heritage site in 1992.
  • Prague is home to the National Opera, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Black Light Theatre.
  • Prague suffered a major flood in 2002 that submerged Kampa, Karlin, and other parts of the city.
  • Prague holds an annual three-week “Prague Spring” International Music Festival.
  • The Estates Theatre was the first theatre to be built in Prague.
  • Prague was chosen for the shooting of Amadeus, Mission: Impossible, The Bourne Identity, Shanghai Knights, Les Miserables, and many other movies
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