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Pittsburgh Transportation Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh is a contemporary metropolis that has transformed a great deal over time. Previously called “Steel City” for the steel mills for which the city is famous, Pittsburgh is now a city of glass office towers, artistic sculptures, and theaters. It’s natural beauty is apparent the first moment you enter the city, and the residents are some of the friendliest in the nation.

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Pittsburgh International Airport ( is only 15 miles west of downtown. Port Authority provides a busway between the airport and downtown Pittsburgh. Buses depart every 20 minutes. There are a number of shuttles available from Airlines Transportation, Airport Orbit, and Mountain Line Transit. Additionally, most major area hotels offer shuttles from the airport.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County provides transit solutions for Pittsburgh in the form of several busways and the “T”. The Light Rail Transit System (known as the “T”), is a 25 mile rail system that provides access to downtown Pittsburgh and communities south of the city. There are four lines to South Hills. The T travels through downtown via a subway system with three underground stations and three above-ground stations. This rail service connects to most major destinations within the downtown area.

Additionally, the Port Authority offers the Martin Luther King, Jr. East Busway, the South Busway, and the West Busway, which each offer access to just about any part of the city that you would want to visit. Fairs for the transit system include both the bus and the rail system, and rates are very reasonable. Children, seniors and the disabled are allowed to ride at half-fare prices.

Additionally, car rentals are very inexpensive in Pittsburgh, and it is a very easy city to drive. The airport is only a 20-minute drive – so renting a car for this vacation destination would be an excellent transportation option.

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Pittsburgh Interesting Facts

  • Pittsburgh is centrally located – it is within 500 miles of more than half of the U.S. Population.
  • Clothing, groceries, and specialty foods are tax-free in Pittshburgh.
  • The first simultaneous heart, liver and kidney transplant was done at Presbyterian-University Hospital.
  • The first night game in World Series history was game 4 in 1971 in Pittsburgh.
  • The McDonald’s Big Mac was test marketed in three Pittsburgh-area McDonald’s restaurants in 1967.
  • Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena boasts the world’s first auditorium with a retractable roof.
  • Hugh J. Ward first came up with the concept of bingo in Pittsburgh.
  • Pittsburgh was home to the first U.S. Commercial Radio Station in 1920.
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Pittsburgh Hotels

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Pittsburgh Map

Pittsburgh Map You can find an interactive street map for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania here. You can pan around the street map to find any location you need to in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Weather

Pittsburgh WeatherWhy not check out the weather forcast in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. You can watch a live weather forcast for Pittsburgh to help you plan your vacation.

Pittsburgh Photos

If you would like to see some photos of Pittsburgh click on the image below. We have a selection of Pittsburgh photos for you.
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