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Pittsburgh Restaurants

Pittsburgh Restaurants - When it comes time to select a Pittsburgh restaurant to enjoy a local dish, there are plenty of options to consider. The city is filled with many great dining opportunities that shine with the variety of restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. Most of these restaurants in Pittsburgh are rather decent when it comes to prices.

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For travelers looking for a more expensive menu, higher-end restaurants in Pittsburgh are situated within the downtown part of town. The city also offers a wide-range of different Pittsburgh restaurants to enjoy. To get an idea of some of the Pittsburgh restaurant options, try heading for Laforet on Bryant St, or Rico’s on the appropriately dubbed Rico Lane.

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5701 Bryant St.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
When you are looking for a French meal, this is a great place to spend a romantic evening out. If you have any chance of enjoying the food, you should place reservations in advance.

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1 Rico La
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
When you are in the mood for lasagna and manicotti, this is the Pittsburgh restaurant to seek out. Here, you will find a variety of seafood dishes to choose from as well.

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2100 Greentree Rd
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Reasonably priced Japanese food is offered at this location, which offers a traditional Japanese garden setting. When traveling with the kids, a menu is available just for them.

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Cafe Allegro
51 S. 12th St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Head for the South Side and you will find this restaurant with a menu filled with delicious Italian meal. Some of the items to look forward to includes grilled seafood and other tasty selections.

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229 S. Highland Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
For a taste of the Mediterranean, head for this eatery, which offers a sampling from Greece, Italy, and Turkey (to name a few). There is also a rather impressive wine list offered on the premises.

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Pittsburgh Interesting Facts

  • Pittsburgh is centrally located – it is within 500 miles of more than half of the U.S. Population.
  • Clothing, groceries, and specialty foods are tax-free in Pittshburgh.
  • The first simultaneous heart, liver and kidney transplant was done at Presbyterian-University Hospital.
  • The first night game in World Series history was game 4 in 1971 in Pittsburgh.
  • The McDonald’s Big Mac was test marketed in three Pittsburgh-area McDonald’s restaurants in 1967.
  • Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena boasts the world’s first auditorium with a retractable roof.
  • Hugh J. Ward first came up with the concept of bingo in Pittsburgh.
  • Pittsburgh was home to the first U.S. Commercial Radio Station in 1920.
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Pittsburgh Hotels

You can book a hotel in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania here online. You can receive up to 70% discount for online Pittsburgh hotel reservations.
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Pittsburgh Map

Pittsburgh Map You can find an interactive street map for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania here. You can pan around the street map to find any location you need to in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Weather

Pittsburgh WeatherWhy not check out the weather forcast in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. You can watch a live weather forcast for Pittsburgh to help you plan your vacation.

Pittsburgh Photos

If you would like to see some photos of Pittsburgh click on the image below. We have a selection of Pittsburgh photos for you.
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