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Choosing the best English courses in New York


It is certain that you will come across a lot of English speaking individuals in your personal as well as professional life. So, if your English is poor or not up to the requisite standard, you have to rely on a translator all the time. The problem will be more pronounced if you are a student or a businessman. Therefore it makes sense to attend an English school.

Of course it may not be an extreme situation which can compel you to learn a new language but it will be better if you learn English and that too within the shortest amount of time possible. There may be other ways to learn English but English courses in New York are your best bet. In United States you will get the chance to learn English in a natural setting. This will help quicken your learning process.

Learning English in USA will turn out to be a great asset for you. Even if you had no experience in speaking English you donít have to worry at all. This is because in USA all individuals irrespective of their present level of English language skills are taught in such a way that they become fluent in no time. There are need based programs which enable students to start from Basic English words to complex phrases. Moreover as you travel around the United States you will gain a lot of inputs which will help you to improve your language skills faster. Within a short time you will become fluent.

Just like other languages English language too has certain key words and phrases which are not taught in traditional classrooms. However you will experience usage of these words and phrases during real life conversation which are a part of the programs. This will give you a better understanding about the language. Sometimes recognizing and understanding slang English words allows you to communicate better with fellow students. You will feel more comfortable while communicating with individuals whose first language is English. It will also give you an edge in your professional life.

Boston is a great city to learn English. There is an international business community here and when you learn English in Boston it will help in your professional dealings. With the world becoming a global economy the role of English as the unofficial language has become more prominent in the realm of international trade.

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New York Interesting Facts

  • The Governor Thomas Dewey Thruway is the longest toll road in the United States.
  • FIT in Manhattan is the only school in the world offering a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing
  • In 1807, the Clermont made its maiden voyage from NYC to Albany, making it the first successful steamboat.
  • New York City has 722 miles of subway track.
  • The first daily Yiddish newspaper appeared in 1885 in New York City.
  • The first international sports here, boxer Bill Richmond, was from Staten Island.
  • The New York Post, established in 1803 by Alexander Hamilton is the oldest running newspaper in the United States.
  • The first capital of the United States was New York City.
  • In 1789, George Washington took his oath as president on the balcony at Federal Hall.
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