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Montreal Canada Transportation - Montreal is a very energetic and modern city which is multi-lingual in many ways. 70 % of the cityís population speaks French, while most of the remaining population speaks English. Unlike much of the other solely French-speaking cities in Canada Ė Montreal is an extremely friendly city to all travelers, regardless of language or origin. Clerks and service people at every hotel and just about every establishment are bi-lingual. And if they are French-speaking only Ė there is someone nearby who can speak English. Monteal offers some of the greatest architecture, culture, and at atmosphere of fun and playfulness. Montreal should be on the top of the list for travelers.

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Montrealís central airport is the Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau Airport. LíAerobus provides a convenient connection between the airport and Montreal. The bus stops at the Montreal Central Bus Station at 505 de Maisonneuve Blvd E. A minibus service will shuttle travelers, for free, from there to several major downtown hotels. Orleans Express offers bus shuttle service from the airport to Montreal as well as other local cities.

Skyport offers winter bus shuttle service from the airport to Mont-Tremblant and Gray Rocks ski resorts. Public transit, The Societe de transport de Montreal (STM) runs route 204 (Cardinal Avenue) which serves the airport from the Dorval terminus. Taxis are also offered outside the arrivals terminal and a dispatcher will help you obtain a taxi or limo.

Montrealís Metro system is clean, efficient, and the ideal way to get to most areas in the city where visitorís will want to go. Fares are by ride, and per ride rates can be quite pricy, so itís highly recommended that visitors purchase the weekly pass which will likely save a fortune. Be prepared to do a good deal of walking in the subway system, some access passages can be quite long, with a number of escalators along the way. And walk fast Ė Montreal residents donít like to dawdle.

The bus system is priced the same as the Metro, but tickets are accepted on both, so you can use the unlimited pass on the buses as well. Buses run throughout the city, however they donít run quite as frequently or quickly as the Metro.

Taxis are available throughout the city, and fares arenít too expensive. They can be found lined up outside most large hotels, or can be hailed on the street.

Montreal is very easy to navigate by car, and parking is never a major issue. Most hotels offer parking garages, and there are plenty of metered spaces downtown and throughout the city. Most major rental car companies are available at the airport.

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Montreal Interesting Facts

  • Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec
  • Montreal is actually located on an island, known as Mount Royal.
  • Montreal is one of the five largest French-speaking cities in the world.
  • Over 1.5 million inhabitants live in Montreal.
  • In 2007, Montreal was ranked as the 10th cleanest city in the world.
  • In winter, about 500,000 people use the underground city in Montreal every day.
  • Montrealís underground city features 20 miles of tunnels over 5 square miles.
  • The Port of Montreal is the largest inland port in the world.
  • The first sewing machine was built in Montreal in 1845.
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Montreal Map To help you find your way around Montral we have included an interactive street map so that you can find any location in Montreal that you need.

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