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Memphis Museums Tennessee - When you are interested in checking out the historical Memphis museums or the ones that highlight great cultural achievements, there are plenty of selections to choose from that best represent all of the great things regarding the state of Tennessee.

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There are tons of museums in Memphis that are worth a look. One moment you may experience the depth of the National Civil Rights Museum, while the next may be spent browsing the various cars that Elvis once owned at the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum. Additional worthy museums in the area include: Memphis Pink Palace Museum & Planetarium, and Children’s Museum of Memphis on 2525 Central Avenue.

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Memphis Police Museum
159 Beale Street
Memphis, Tennessee
You will find a nice collection of displays at this museum, which offers an array of photographs, as well as a jail cell to explore. Don’t act up; there is also a working police station on the premises. This entertaining Memphis museum may be found between Second and Third Streets.

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Rock and Soul Museum
145 Lt. George W. Lee Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee
Music is an important part of the past, present and future history of Memphis, Tennessee. Here, you will be able to explore some of the interesting points of rock and soul music in the area.

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Slavehaven Underground Railroad Museum
826 North Second Street
Memphis, Tennessee
This museum offers a chance to check out a historic milestone along the historic trail of the Underground Railroad. Visitors checking out this Memphis museum will encounter the Burkle Estate, which is located between Chelsea and Bickford.

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Pink Palace Museum
3050 Central Ave
Memphis, Tennessee
A visit to this museum and you will encounter everything to do with the Piggly Wiggly. This Memphis museum can be found located between Goodwyn and Greer.

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Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
1934 Poplar Ave
Memphis, Tennessee
When looking for an interesting museum to pass the time, you may enjoy a stop at this museum. Tons of art and architecture await your curious eyes.

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National Ornamental Museum
374 Metal Museum Drive
Memphis, Tennessee
There is plenty of interesting items to check out when visiting this museum. Some of the fine jewelry pieces are enough to inspire you on your next purchase.

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Memphis Interesting Facts

  • Memphis was named by American Heritage Magazine as the Great American Place for 1998.
  • Memphis Tennessee is the Pork Barbeque Capital of the World.
  • Memphis is the home of the first Greyhound and Continental Trailways bus lines.
  • Memphis is home to FedEx.
  • The Piggly Wiggly, the world’s first self-service grocery store, opened in Memphis in 1916.
  • Memphis is the site of the first Welcome Wagon, founded in 1928.
  • Memphis Tennessee is the hardwood capital of the world.
  • Memphis has one of the top urban park systems in the nation covering 7,000 cares.
  • Memphis Tennessee has the world’s largest artesian well water system.
  • Memphis is the only five-time winner of the nation’s cleanest city award.
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