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Memphis Tennessee Hotel - There are many different Memphis hotels to satisfy any type of traveling budget. There are inexpensive rooms at the Days Inn or a fancy spread awaiting your arrival at the historic Peabody Hotel. The one thing you may be surprised to learn about hotels in the Memphis area is that there isn’t that many luxury accommodation options that you would think exist throughout this destination.

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When you are looking for a moderately priced hotel, you may want to check about the Graceland area, which offers a nice selection. Some of the Memphis hotel options that you may to look into include the Wyndham Garden Hotel, Embassy Suites, and the Holiday Inn Select Downtown.

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Wyndham Garden Hotel
300 N Second St
Memphis, Tennessee
Close to the convention center, as well as the Main Street Trolley, you will enjoy the location of this hotel selection. This option is considered one of the best hotels in the moderately priced category.

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160 Union Ave
Memphis, Tennessee
When you are looking for a hotel situated within one of the best locations, you may want to check into this Holiday Inn. It is located within the center of downtown Memphis.

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250 N Main St
Memphis, Tennessee
Sometimes tourists make a room reservation because they wish to enjoy some of the best views of their vacation destination. The sunsets on the Mississippi River are said to be quite breathtaking.

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Embassy Suites
1022 S Shady Grove Rd
Memphis, Tennessee
Many tourists will tell you that this is one of the best hotels for traveling families. On the premises, you will find an indoor pool and spacious kitchenettes.

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The Ridgeway Inn
5679 Poplar Ave
Memphis, Tennessee
Many travelers come to the Memphis area to conduct business. This is one of the best hotels to consider when visiting the city on behalf of your company.

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Talbot Heirs Guesthouse
99 S Second St
Memphis, Tennessee
This hotel will place you right across the way from the expensive Peabody. Here, you will find one of the coolest bed and breakfasts in town.

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Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel
3677 Elvis Presley Blvd
Memphis, Tennessee
When you are looking for a nice Memphis hotel that embodies the soul of one of your favorite musicians from the past, you might want to nab a room at this hotel. Then, you can say that you swam in a pool shaped like a heart.

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Memphis Interesting Facts

  • Memphis was named by American Heritage Magazine as the Great American Place for 1998.
  • Memphis Tennessee is the Pork Barbeque Capital of the World.
  • Memphis is the home of the first Greyhound and Continental Trailways bus lines.
  • Memphis is home to FedEx.
  • The Piggly Wiggly, the world’s first self-service grocery store, opened in Memphis in 1916.
  • Memphis is the site of the first Welcome Wagon, founded in 1928.
  • Memphis Tennessee is the hardwood capital of the world.
  • Memphis has one of the top urban park systems in the nation covering 7,000 cares.
  • Memphis Tennessee has the world’s largest artesian well water system.
  • Memphis is the only five-time winner of the nation’s cleanest city award.
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Memphis Hotels

You can book you Memphis Tennessee hotel reservation here. Some hotels in Memphis Tennessee offer up to 70% discount for online bookings.
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