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Memphis Travel Guide Tennessee - Besides the rich musical history of Memphis, Tennessee, there are tons of historical, cultural and artistic venues to explore. The city is the second largest metropolitan area in the state of Tennessee, offering a wide-range of interesting districts, such as the downtown area and East Memphis.

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There are many different historical sightseeing spots to check out when touring the Memphis, Tennessee area. On 155 Market Avenue, St. Mary's Catholic Church offers a look at a church that predates the Civil War. To enjoy a 19th century Gothic Revival display, St. Peter Church, located on 190 Adams Avenue can be found between North Fourth Street and North Third Street. A host of 19th century mansions can be found on 680 Adams Avenue, which is called the Victorian Village. When visiting 9336 Davies Plantation Road, the Davies Manor Plantation provides a great look at the oldest home in Memphis, Tennessee. For the art lover in you, you may view a wide-range of Impressionist art and gardens at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, located on 4339 Park Ave.

To tour the exciting nightlife of Memphis, Tennessee, you will find an interesting assortment of places to consider when you’re ready to hit the town. Some of the most popular music in the area is jazz and blues, offering a hefty showing on the popular Beale Street. Numerous nightclubs in Memphis have produced an array of spectacular musicians who have churned out the hits throughout the years.

When venturing into the nightlife establishments, you will hear the hints of spirituals, folk music, as well as rhythmic dance tunes embedded in local music. The history of the Memphis, Tennessee music scene can be traced through visiting the Sun Studios, as well as the various museums scattered about the city. The likes of Johnny Cash and Elvis have made their mark within this grand vacation spot. Did you known that in Memphis, Tennessee, the site of Martin Luther King Jr.'s last speech can be visited at the Mason Temple, located on 930 Mason Street?

Memphis Travel Guide

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Memphis Interesting Facts

  • Memphis was named by American Heritage Magazine as the Great American Place for 1998.
  • Memphis Tennessee is the Pork Barbeque Capital of the World.
  • Memphis is the home of the first Greyhound and Continental Trailways bus lines.
  • Memphis is home to FedEx.
  • The Piggly Wiggly, the world’s first self-service grocery store, opened in Memphis in 1916.
  • Memphis is the site of the first Welcome Wagon, founded in 1928.
  • Memphis Tennessee is the hardwood capital of the world.
  • Memphis has one of the top urban park systems in the nation covering 7,000 cares.
  • Memphis Tennessee has the world’s largest artesian well water system.
  • Memphis is the only five-time winner of the nation’s cleanest city award.
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