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Helsinki Travel Guide

Helsinki Finland stands as a gateway to Russia, but is purely Scandinavian. Founded in 1550, this beautiful city is compact and architecturally beautiful. With wide streets and parks featuring sculptures and greenery, and surrounded by the sea on three sides, this city is known as one of the cleanest in the world. Since 1917 Helsinki has been the capital of Finland, and today is the economic, intellectual and cultural center of the entire region. It is a high-tech metropolis with both Swedish and Russian influence that offers one of the most popular destinations in the world.

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Helsinki offers travelers world-renowned Finnish Saunas that will cleanse and relieve stress and tension as you’ve never felt it before. A common feature in most Finnish homes, a visitor should try at least one Finnish Sauna before leaving this city.

The city’s appeal is that it retains a feel of a small community. Buildings are not high-rise, instead you’ll find 19th-century architecture that is appealing to all of the senses. Open-air cafes offer some wonderful experiences when visiting this progressive hi-tech city. A visit to Helsinki wouldn’t be complete without hearing a concert by one of Finland’s greatest composer’s, Jean Sibelius. A musical star, and known as a symbol of everything Finland stands for – a Sibelius concert is an experience that will never be forgotten.

Water surrounds this stunning city, and the opportunities for water sports are unlimited. Helsinki Finland is best seen from the water, and there are countless boats and other opportunities to ride the sea and experience this city from that unique perspective. The entire seaside is scattered with little quiet islands and peninsulas that could provide hours of exploration and enjoyment.

Helsinki is, of course, the coffee-drinking capital of the world. The café’s in this city are superb, and they are everywhere. There are various flavors and varieties that are sure to please the senses of any coffee drinker in the world. The city also provides markets with wonderful fresh produce, a vibrant harbor where art, shopping and the smell of the ocean mingle for a delectable feast for the senses. The trendy bars and club throughout Helsinki are sure to keep visitors entertained well into the early morning hours.

Helsinki Hotels include some of the finest luxury 5-star resorts, some of the most charming boutique hotels that you’ll find anywhere in the world, as well as bargain budget hotels that allow visitors to enjoy the culture and excitement of this city without spending a fortune. Helsinki is a popular vacation spot, and lodging in Finland overall isn’t cheap, but for visitors who plan ahead and take advantage of discounts, the variety of Helsinki accommodations offer something for everyone.

Helsinki Restaurants offer visitors Finnish dishes influenced by Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic. Restaurants that offer Finnish foods are made of fresh ingredients and are always flavorful and sophisticated in this city. Helsinki Restaurants are not the only options for dining in this city – delicatessens and smaller eateries offer the perfect opportunity to buy food to take on a picnic by the sea or in one of Helsinki’s many beautiful parks. Dine at Sarkanlinna where in a dining room that simulates a railway car atop the 18th-century ramparts of the city – a truly unique dining experience.

Helsinki Shopping opportunities are wide and abundant. Helsinki offers leading edge interior design, world-class glassware and hand-made gifts, fashion and much more. From the open-air market on Market Square offering produce, fish and souvenirs, to the exciting shopping streets of Iso Roobertinkatu and Bulevardi – the exciting shopping destinations within this city are endless.

Helsinki, a city that feels like a small town, is not only the Finnish capital, but a center of culture, finance, and business. As a gateway between everything Swedish and everything Russian – this is a unique and exciting travel destination that no traveler should miss.

Helsinki Travel Guide

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Helsinki Interesting Facts

  • Helsinki was founded by King Gustav Vasa in 1550.
  • The city offers 12 professional theatres and over 80 museums.
  • Helsinki transport makes about 200 million trips every year.
  • Almost 90% of the population is Finnish-speaking.
  • Helsinki was the host of the 1952 Olympic Games.
  • The first U.S. – Soviet summit took place in Helsinki in 1990.
  • Helsinki became a member of the European Union in 1995.
  • Helsinki Finland offers 950 km of bicycle paths.
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Helsinki Hotels

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Helsinki Map

Helsinki Map We have a very useful interactive map of Helsinki Finland for you. Find any location in Helsinki Finland with this interactive map.

Helsinki Weather

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Helsinki Photos

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