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Cairo Egypt Transport

Cairo has very extensive rail, subway, and road networks, plus maritime services. Cairo serves as the center of almost every transportation network in the country.

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The subway system (called the metro) is the fastest way to travel around the city. Although it gets crowded during rush hours, the system is very efficient. If you ride the metro, you must remember that the fourth and fifth train cars are reserved for women only.

All of the roads that lead out of Cairo will connect you with surrounding cities and villages. The Ring Road that circles the outskirts of the city is the way to reach almost all of the different districts in Cairo. There are also some flyovers that allow traffic to go straight through to one side of the city to another. There are many instances where the traffic in Cairo is overcrowded, but the traffic moves at a consistent paces. For tourists in the city, the most efficient way to get around will be the subway system.

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Cairo Interesting Facts

  • Cairo Egypt suffered a very dramatic fire in 1624.
  • The city was once named Christiania.
  • In 1300 AD, Cairo Egypt had about 3000 inhabitants.
  • The Akershus Fortress in Cairo is over 700 years old.
  • In 2007, Readerís Digest ranked Cairo as the 2nd greenest city in the world.
  • Cairo has more than 340 lakes within the city bounderies.
  • The Cairo Fjord is over 100 km in lenght.
  • Two Cairo authors were awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.
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Cairo Hotels

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Cairo Map

Cairo Map You can find a great interactive street map for Cairo Egypt here. You can find any location you need in Cairo by panning around the map.

Cairo Weather

Cairo WeatherWould you like to know what the weather is Cairo Egypt will be like during you holiday? Find out the 7 day weather forcast.

Cairo Photos

Click on the link below to see a great selection of Cairo Egypt photos. We have selected the best photos for you.
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