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Beijing Shopping

Beijing Shopping - Wangfujing Dajie east of the Forbidden City is a very large shopping area that is a pedestrian-only avenue full of clothing, souvenirs, and restaurants. Also to be found here are two of the city’s malls including the Sun (Xin) Dong An Plaza and the Oriental Plaza.

Liulichang, an energetic and lively shopping area just southwest of Qian Men, is a historic commercial district filled with art, book and antiques shops packed in together. Streets running east and west offer additional shopping opportunities as well.

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Dong Dan Bei Dajie, a block east of Wangfujing, is a long avenue of clothing boutiques and popular shops among Beijing youth. A similar area is offered on the other side of town called the Xi Dan, as well as Xinjiekou Dajie in the north.

Hong Qiao Schichang (Pearl Market) at Hong Qiao Lu is a unique market that offers collectibles and brand-name clothing. Pearls are also available, there’s a reasonably priced toy market in the back as well as candles, stationary, and a huge variety of other goods that will make any shopper smile.

Panjiayuan Jiuhuo Shichang, on the south side of Panjiayuan Lu, is one of the best shopping areas in Beijing. This huge shopping area offers calligraphy, jewelry, ethnic clothing, ceramics, memorabilia, and much, much more. There are amazing antiques to be found in this market. Prices can sometimes start high, but bargaining is possible. Curio City in this area offers four floors of jewelry (diamonds and jade), furniture, porcelain, and much more.

Other places to shop

Silk Alley at the corner of Jianguo Men Wai Dajie and Xiushui Dong Jie.

Yaxiu Fuzhuang Shichang at 58 Gongti Bei Lu.

Tianyi Xiaoshangpin Pifa Shichang 4 blocks west of Fucheng Men metro stop.

Jin Wixing Baihuo Pifa Cheng just south of Da Zhong Si metro.

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Beijing Interesting Facts

  • Beijing is one of the four great Ancient Capitals of China.
  • Beijing will host the 2008 Summer Olympics
  • The city of Beijing has been renamed several times throughout history as Zhongdu, Dadu, Cambuluc, Shuntian, and Peiping.
  • Mongol forces burned the city to the ground in 1215.
  • Beijing was the largest city in the world from 1425 to 1650, and 1710 to 1825.
  • The Temple of Heaven was built in 1420.
  • Beijing’s population exceeds 17.4 million inhabitants.
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