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Banff Restaurants

Banff Restaurants - When it comes time to dine at a restaurant in Banff, there are many satisfying selections to consider. While hotel restaurants in Banff are pretty decent, they don't offer the type of selection than other places about town feature. The meal item with the best selection about the city is wine, where hundreds of different varieties are provided.

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Throughout the city, Banff restaurants showcase an array of varied dining opportunities. One moment you could be eating South American cuisine while the next could be spent savoring the dishes of the Mediterranean. Additional restaurant choices in Banff include Italian pizzas, Mexican burritos, and Asian chop suey.

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Silver Dragon Restaurant
211 Banff Avenue
Banff, Canada
When the stomach starts to grumble, you might as well head for the eatery that offers an assortment of local favorites. Here, you will find a mountain lobster dish to satisfy your hunger in a matter of minutes.

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Paris's Restaurant
108 Banff Avenue
Banff, Canada
Here is where you will encounter the oldest restaurant throughout the city. This is the perfect place to sample the French cuisine of the area.

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Mountain Grill
333 Banff Avenue
Banff, Canada
If you are in the mood for a breakfast buffet or an unusually large dinner, then you've come to the right place. To savor this spread, head for the Banff International Hotel.

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Bow Valley Grill
405 Spray Avenue
Banff, Canada
A delicious spread of seafood and fish selections grace the menu at this Banff restaurant. When seeking out this eatery, you should head for the Banff Springs Hotel.

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Crazyweed Kitchen
626 Main St
Banff, Canada
Sometimes, you just want a slice of pizza for lunch or dinner. Head for this eatery and sample what Banff cuisine have to offer.

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Ristorante Classico
1 Mountain Avenue
Banff, Canada
Situated at the Rimrock Resort Hotel, you will find this restaurant, which offers an assortment of Italian dishes. Many tourists enjoy this location because of the pleasant view offered while dining.

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Banff Interesting Facts

  • Banff is at an elevation of 1,383 meters, making it the highest town in Canada.
  • Banff is surrounded by Tunnel Mountain, Mount Rundle, Cascade Mountain, Mount Norquay, and Sulphur Mountain.
  • Mt. Forbes is the highest mountain in Banff National Park at 3,612 meters.
  • The name "Banff" comes from Banffshire, Scotland, birthplace of two of the original directors of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
  • The Banff Park Museum was built in 1903.
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Banff Hotels

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Banff Map

Banff Map We have a nice interactive street map of Banff Canada. You can use it to find any location you need in Banff Canada.

Banff Weather

Banff WeatherIf your interested in finding out the weather forcast for Banff Canada we have a weekly weather forcast to help plan your trip.

Banff Photos

If you would like to see some photos of Banff Canada click on the image below. We have a selection of Banff photos here.
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