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Baltimore Weather

Baltimore Weather Forcast Maryland - Checking the Baltimore, Maryland weather forcast allows visitors to the city prepare for the type of climate they will encounter during their stay. Weather forcasts of Baltimore help travelers pack the appropriate clothing and other items that they may need to enjoy their vacation.

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When it comes to checking the Baltimore weather forcast, you may find that the climate for the city is quite temperate for most of the year. Since the close proximity to water is part of the surroundings, the weather forcast of Baltimore has the potential to change without notice. Average temperatures for the year can be found between 50-60 degrees. Winter temperatures hover around 30 degrees, while a few light snow showers appear, but not enough to write home about.

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Baltimore Interesting Facts

  • The first U.S. balloon flight was by Edward Warren in Baltimore.
  • The first umbrella manufactured in the U.S. was made in Baltimore.
  • First printing of the Star Spangled Banner by Samuel Sands in 1814.
  • Baltimore had the first railroad depot in the U.S. in 1830.
  • Baltimore had the first telegraph line in the U.S. in 1844.
  • Baltimore had the first commercial ice cream factory in America in 1851.
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Baltimore Hotels

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Baltimore Map

Baltimore Map It is very useful to have a good map of Baltimore Maryland for your trip. Use this interactive map of Baltimore Maryland to find any location you need.

Baltimore Weather

Baltimore WeatherWe have a live video broadcast of the weather forcast in Baltimore Maryland for you here. Just click on the image to the right.

Baltimore Photos

Baltimore Maryland is such a beautiful city to visit. We have some nice photos of Baltimore for you to view.
Baltimore Photos

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